Matting cream GlassMat is packed at the hermetically sealed plastic tare of 0.75 kg., 1 kg. and 1,5 kg.

Spheres of application:

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Matting paste GlassMat 0,75 kg. 1kg. and 1,5kg.

Characteristics:pasty mass of a white color. On vertical surfaces with the thickness 2-5 mm. there is no shift.

Application: It is used for matting of glasses, tall wine glasses, glassware for hotels and restaurants, other glassware, sheet glass, stained glass and mirrors, glass furniture, for designing of showcases of shops, mirrors, glazed porcelain, prestigious awards, numbers on car’s windows, ceramic tiles, granite surface, ceramic granite, ceramics.

Storage: Storageterms – store at the hermetically sealed plastic tare under the temperature +5 - +20 C. It is allowed a small liquid waste. The preliminary condition of the paste is restored by the ordinary mixing. Store at the original sealed tare indoors under the temperature from +5 to +20°C. Storage life is 12 months from the production date.

Precautions: Avoid the ingestion and contacts with mucosa. Application of the paste in the industrial scales requires the exhaust ventilation at the workshops.

Consumption:Matting paste is multi-usable. 1 kg. can mat 22-30 m².

Method of fixing: Mix it thoroughly before each usage. Put the layer of 2-4 mm. In 8-9 minutes collect the paste and wash with the water and dry it.

Note: The long contact of the paste with metal objects is not recommended, while it can cause the destruction of the metal surface. Matting paste does not react with the wax, acrylic and styrene-acrylic polymers films, so it allows to use it as protective-limiting surfaces.We propose discounts to our regular Customers!

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