Glass matting liquid GlassMat GlassMat is packed at the hermetically sealed tare of 0.5 l., 1l.

Spheres of application:

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Matting liquid GlassMat 0.5 l. and 1l.

Characteristics:Transparent liquid. It is used for the plastic containers filling and immersion of glass objects in it.

Application: It is used for matting of irregular and round shape glass and also of: bottles, glasses, tall wine glasses, ashtrays, glassware for hotels and restaurants, other glassware, sheet glass, stained glass and mirrors, glass furniture, for designing of showcases of shops, mirrors, glazed porcelain, prestigious awards, numbers on car’s windows, ceramic tiles, granite surface, ceramic granite, ceramics.

Storage: Storageterms – store at the hermetically sealed plastic tare under the temperature +8 - +20 C. It is allowed a small liquid waste. The preliminary condition of the paste is restored by the ordinary mixing. Store at the original sealed tare indoors. Storage life is 6 months from the production date.

Precautions: Avoid the ingestion and contacts with mucosa. Application of the paste in the industrial scales requires the exhaust ventilation at the workshops

Consumption: Matting liquid is multi-usable. 0.5 l. It can mat 22-30 m².

Methodoffixing: Technology of work with the liquid is also simple and does not require big investments, just the same as working with the paste. The process of products’ manufacture can be drawn schematically as following:

  • Take the plastic container, bigger then the chosen object for the procession.
  • Put the chosen for the procession object to the empty container. Pour the water to the container up to the level, needed for engraving.
  • Take the object from the container and mark the water level on the external side of the container. Pour the water away. Dry the container and the object.
  • Fill container with the matting liquid Glassmat up to the marked level.
  • Put the object to the container slowly; Prevent it from possible movements in the water, for example, filling it with the water. Leave it for 15 minutes.
  • After the indicated period of time put the object away from the container.
  • Wash the object with the soap and water. Dry it. Pour the liquid to the preliminary tare, as the liquid can be used many times.
  • Product is ready.