Demonstration of the mat picture drawing on glass technology.

For work you'll need:

  • Matir Matting paste GlassMat
  • Rubber spatula
  • template from the film cut cutting plotter with a knife or vane
  • Glass objects
  • Mounting tape

1. Degrease the surface with an alcohol or cleaning agent (containing alcohol), but do not use the solvent (it leaves an invisible film at the glass surface, that influences on the matting quality). After it do not leave fingerprints at the surface.

2. Put pre-cut pattern on glass.
3. Delete all unnecessary details with the help of stationery knife.
4. To avoid getting the paste on the glass at unnecessary places, seal it with the paper adhesive tape.

5. Using the rubber spatula, put GlassMat on the dry surface quickly, it should cover all details by 2-4 mm. layer.
Attention!! Do not pour the paste directly to the image – as a result it can turn out uneven!!!

6. Leave the paste on glass for 7-8 min.

In 7 minutes collect the paste to the tin with the same spatula (use one more tin to prevent mixing of old and new paste), as the paste is multi-usable. Wash the surface of glass very well, not leaving the paste on the template and on the surface. Take away the template under the jet of water, make it in such a way that the water reaches between glass and the template. Dry glass.

Attention! The paste should be washed away directly after you collect remains, while stains can appear on a surface.

Here is a result!

Before each usage it is necessary to mix it well. Store at the hermetically sealed plastic tare. Mix the used paste well.

Download: Commercial proposal

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