Matting of glass and glass surfaces - creativity and a good income at the same time!

We present you glass and glass surfaces matting technology, applying glass matting paste GlassMat and glass matting liquids. It is possible to produce products of different configuration with a decorative mat pattern, applying matting paste for glass GlassMat. Glass matting with the help of glass matting paste GlassMat is a very simple and effective technology that does not require any expensive equipment and tools. All you need to process glass is a rubber spatula and cut with the plotter stencil. Glass matting paste GlassMat is not toxic, so you can carry out all matting works in already existing indoors without any additional extracting equipment.

What are application spheres of glass matting paste GlassMat?

- Art glass matting. Glass processing. It is produced matted window glass, decorated glass for inferior doors, glass for the manufacture of sliding-door wardrobes, kitchen furniture, using a glass matting paste GlassMat technology. Glass processing by means of the paste with an application of special stencils makes possible to receive the needed pattern on glass or mirror. Glass matting is used for stained-glass windows production and it makes possible to receive an individual picture on glass.

- Glass matting for the glassware production. Applying glass matting paste GlassMat, it is possible to diversify the range of produced glassware and to propose exclusive glass products with the mat picture on glass to the market: tall wine glasses, beer glasses, wine glasses and plates. The original glass processing, mat picture on glass are always high-demand items for Customers of glassware. Application of matting liquid GlassMat makes possible to receive a picture on glass, producing container glassware and bottles for wine-vodka products that can serve both as a good protection against products counterfeit and give aesthetic qualities to it.

- Glass matting, glass processing for the production of souvenirs. Advertising-producing companies are interested in a mat pattern drawing technology on products of different shapes long time ago and it is used for the production of branded products. However, new possibilities were opened up for producers of advertising- souvenirs products, using matting paste GlassMat: simple and quick organization of product matting, possibility to produce single items and small consignment of products, high aesthetic image quality. Application of matting liquid GlassMat makes possible to receive a picture on glass of complicated shape subjects.

- Glass matting paste for ceramics, natural and artificial granite products' decoration. Matting paste is also used for ceramic products with a glossy surface decoration: ceramic tiles, granite tiles and ceramic granite. Matting technology of make-up materials with a glossy surface is particularly important for exclusive interior creation, as it allows the designer to realize the most interesting ideas of decoration or personification in office or living locations.

Where to buy glass matting paste and glass matting liquid GlassMat?

Matting paste and glass matting liquid GlassMat are produced on standard packages of 0,5 and 1 kg and can be delivered according to the preliminary Client's order to any region of Ukraine. The individual packing of other product's volumes is possible.The transportation is carried out by companies-carriers. We invite advertisement-souvenir companies and firms, glass workshops, stained-glass window manufacturers, producers of glass and ceramic wares, representatives of designer studios for a mutual cooperation. We are interested in a long-term cooperation with our Customers and hope to receive positive recommendations about our products quality and provided service level.

Specialists of our company present all necessary information and consulting support for receipt of the best results from the application of glass matting paste GlassMat, depending on goals and demands of the Customer. Thanks to paste GlassMat, now professionals can propose a new service to their Customers – personalization of any glass. There is no such glass surface that can not be decorated with the help of GlassMat.
Our clients are:

  1. Advertisement-souvenir companies and firms;
  2. Stained glass and glass workshops;
  3. Manufacturers of glass and glass products;
  4. Companies, involved in the industrial processing of glass

The main field of matting paste GlassMat application is an art matting of glass and glass products. Matting paste and matting liquid are successfully used by glass and stained glass window workshops, producers of glassware, advertisement-producing companies, specialized in the production of souvenir products with a picture on glass, and producers of glass tare. The producer receives the pattern of a high quality and accuracy, using the glass matting paste and matting liquid GlassMat by all methods of application.

Processed surface has a very pleasant to the touch, glossy and silky texture. Received mat surface is resistant to the appearance of fingerprints, greases, and is a comfortable one for taking care.

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